How to Sell Your Junk Car in the Indy Area

When you have an old, totaled, or broken down vehicle that no longer serves a purpose in your life, you are actually in luck! That is because a junk vehicle, regardless of its condition, is a sitting profit waiting to be sold for cash on the spot to a local junk car buying company.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about selling a junk car for cash in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas, including information about car titles, towing, junk car worth, and more.

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-608-2188

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-608-2188

Prepare Your Vehicle

When it comes to selling a junk car or truck, there is no need to clean it up and make it look good. Junk car buyers accept vehicles in any condition, whether running or not. Age, make, model, color, and condition simply do not matter, so do not waste your time primping up your vehicle before selling it to a junk car company. Instead, you want to make other preparations. First, remove any plates, including bumper plates and license plates. Then, be sure you remove all personal belongings from inside the vehicle, such as clothing, trash, music, books, and any other items that might be in there.

Locate the Title

In order to sell a junk car for cash, you must be able to prove ownership. Generally, the car title is the best option. However, if the title has been lost or stolen, there is no need to worry; if for some reason you cannot apply for a duplicate or replacement title, there are other ways to prove ownership. Refer to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to learn how. Also, if your title is lost or destroyed, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Authority.

Find a Reputable Junk Car Buyer

The most important part of selling your junk car for cash is to find a reputable and professional Indianapolis cash for cars company to do business with. The problem you will run into is that there are literally hundreds of junk car buyers in the city to choose from, so making a decision can feel more like a gamble. To avoid getting stuck with an inexperienced, unprofessional, fly-by-the-night junk car buyer, simply find a company that has a strong and steadfast reputation within the local communities. Experience and the types of resources available to them set good companies apart from the scammers.

Want a Trusted Shortcut?

Cash for Junk Cars 317-608-2188

Cash for Junk Cars 317-608-2188

When you really just don’t know who to trust for the best profit in town, simply start with the best. Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 317-608-2188 to request a free, over-the-phone quote, or more information regarding the junk car selling process. Whether your vehicle runs or not, we are ready to make you an excellent offer and take it off your hands for free. We have an in-house tow truck that will come directly to your location to pick up your junk car.

Do I Need Car Radiator Repair?

Your vehicle’s radiator is very important because it prevents the engine from overheating. Every time you drive your vehicle, your engine produces high levels of heat. Without a properly-functioning radiator, your vehicle’s heat levels cannot be managed, which can lead to serious safety issues and automotive damage.

Continue reading to learn more about car radiators, and the common signs that suggest it needs to be repaired.

Sell Your Old Car Parts 317-608-2188

Sell Your Old Car Parts in Indy

How They Work

Radiators pump coolant through the inner components of your engine. The coolant absorbs the heat that the engine produces, and then travels back to the radiator where it is rapidly cooled. The entire cycle is continuous and constant while you drive. On a side note, coolant also doubles as anti-freeze, and prevents your engine from freezing up in cold temperatures.

Radiator Problems

Since radiators are the primary component of a vehicle’s cooling system, it is vital for them to remain in good condition. When a radiator begins to have issues, you will usually start to notice the signs. The most common signs include overheating engines, coolant leaks, low coolant levels, and sludge in the radiator. Below is a brief description of each sign and why they occur.

Overheating Engine The most common sign that your radiator is in need of service or repair is an overheating engine. Sometimes, all you need is some more coolant to take care of an overheated engine. But when the overheating persists, it is a sign that your radiator needs attention.

Leaking Coolant The next most common sign that a radiator needs repaired is seeing coolant on the ground beneath your vehicle. This is usually caused by a leak in your coolant tubes or a crack in the radiator shell, and it is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Low Coolant Levels If you notice that you are refilling your car’s coolant too frequently, that means your vehicle is either using too much too quickly, or you have a coolant leak somewhere. Both are serious issues that require immediate automotive repair.

Sludge You probably won’t discover sludge in your radiator on your own. It is more likely that your mechanic will come across it during a routine service appointment or while making unrelated repairs. Sludge in your radiator means there is an excessive amount of contaminants in your coolant. The contaminants will give coolant, normally brightly-colored, to a rusty or oily color. It is commonly caused by a defective transmission cooler inside the radiator. Not all vehicles have this.

Need to Replace Your Radiator?

We Will Pay You Cash for Your Old One!

GC's Junk Cars of Indianapolis 317-608-2188

GC’s Junk Cars of Indianapolis 317-608-2188

Call GC’s Junk Cars at 317-608-2188 to sell your junk car parts for cash in Indianapolis, Indiana. We will buy any junk cars and car parts in Central Indiana, regardless of age, make, model, or condition. For those who wish to sell a junk car, we offer free towing with our in-house tow truck, so all you have to do is call and accept our offer! Request a free estimate, anytime!