Sell Junk Cars in Seymour, Indiana
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Selling your junk vehicle truly couldn’t be easier. Just call our office and accept our generous proposal, and then we will pay you cash on the spot. On top of that, we also offer complimentary pick up anywhere in Seymour, Indiana!
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How to Sell Junk Cars
1) Call 317-608-2188
2) Get a Free Quote Over the Phone
3) Schedule a Free Pick Up in Seymour, IN
4) Get Paid Cash in Hand!
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The fastest way to sell a junk car in Seymour is to call our office at 317-608-2188 today. Or, send us an email request a free quote via our contact us page.
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Cash for Cars in Seymour, Indiana

Whether your junk car runs or not, you can make instant cash for it today! Our junk car buyers accept all junk vehicles regardless of age, make, model, or condition. And we pay cash on the spot when we arrive to pick it up.

We offer free phone quotes and free haul away service, as well as, the most generous offers for junk vehicles in Seymour, Indiana! And if you can’t find the title, we can still do business! Our car junkers have alternative methods of proving ownership for a vehicle.

Getting started is simple! Just call our office to request a free phone quote. If you accept our offer, we will come get your junk car for you, at no extra charge. You don’t even need to be with the vehicle at the time of pick up!
Seymour Indiana Junk Car Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

My car is totaled. Can I still sell it?
Yes you can! We pay cash for all make and model salvage cars, whether they run or not. That includes trucks, SUVs, vans, buses, motorcycles, boats, and more.
What will happen to my junk car after I sell it?
There are several options for repurposing a junk car. They can be restored and resold, dismantled for parts, scrapped for their metal, and even recycled. It mostly depends on their condition.
I lost my title. Can I still sell my junk car?
You might be able to sell your junk car without a title if we can find an alternative method of verifying ownership. A drivers’ license and registration can work, or you can contact your BMV to apply for a replacement.
Cash for Cars Seymour Indiana