How Do I Replace a Lost or Stolen Car Title?

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It happens all the time. A person finally decides to sell their vehicle that has been junked and taking up space in the garage for years. But when they go to make the sell, they realize they can’t find the car title. At this point, it is common for panic to set in since most people are under the impression that you must have a car title to sell a car in Indiana. Although it is much easier and more convenient to sell a junk car with a title, it is not always the only method of proving ownership. Some junk car buyers will work with sellers by accepting a combination of documentation that proves they are the lawful owners of the vehicle, such as registrations, drivers’ licenses, insurance
paperwork, and more.

Regardless of how you choose to sell your vehicle, recovering a lost or stolen car title is still the best practice, even if other documentation will work. And coming by a copy of one is not as hard as you might think! Continue reading to learn how to get a replacement car title in Indiana.

Replacing a Car Title in Indiana

In Indiana, car owners have four options for replacing a lost or stolen car title. They can apply in person at a local BMV branch, through a BMV Certified Partner, online, or via mail. Regardless of how you choose to replace your lost car title, you will need certain documentation with you. Before you start your application process, be sure you have these items on hand:

🖹 Valid Photo Identification – Accepted forms include state-issued drivers’ license, birth certificate, passport, employee identification card, school identification card, military identification card, and photo bank card. It cannot be expired.

🖹 Form of Vehicle Identification – Accepted forms include registration, VIN (vehicle identification number), and more. Check with your local BMV to clarify which documents are accepted.

🖹 Lien Release Form – If there is a lienholder, you will need this form on hand with you at the time of sale.

How to Apply

Via Mail:

1. Complete State Form 205 (Application for Certificate of Title).
2. Make a Copy of Your Valid Photo I.D.
3. Make a check, cashiers’ check, or money order out to BMV Indiana.
4. Send All Documents Together to:

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
100 North Senate Avenue, Room N411
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Visit to apply online for a duplicate car title.

In Person:

Visit any local BMV branch or certified BMV partner. Be sure to bring all the necessary documents with you. You can choose to complete your State Form 205 – Application for Certificate of Title at the branch while you wait, or fill it out beforehand and bring it with you. Be sure to bring your payment of $8 in valid form (i.e. personal check, cashiers’ check, money order). Click here to find an Indiana branch near you.

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