How to Listen for a Transmission Problem in Your Car

Your car’s transmission will let you know that it is experiencing some level of failure. All you have to do is listen! Continue reading to learn what common transmission problems sound like, and what to do if you simply cannot afford to repair your transmission in Indianapolis.

Sell Junk Car Parts in Indianapolis 317-608-2188
Sell Junk Car Parts in Indianapolis 317-608-2188

Transmission Noises That Should Be Examined

Your car makes a lot of different noises. Most are harmless, a few might be temporary, but some are indicative of an automotive problem. From clunking and humming to high-pitched whining, some sounds are telling you there is a problem specifically with the transmission.

Here are some of the most common transmission sounds that should be examined further by a licensed mechanic, as they could be a sign that your car needs some automotive service or repair:


If you hear water-like noises, such as gurgling, sloshing, or trickling, it could be an indication that your transmission fluid is low. The cause of the gurgling noises is due to air pockets that form within the transmission lines as a result of a lack of fluid.


Clunking is a common automotive noise that is indicative of a transmission problem. The most likely culprit behind clunking sounds is a problem with the torque converter mounts. You can test this by keeping your foot on the brake and placing your car in neutral, then revving the engine slightly as you put the gear back and drive. If you hear clunking noise, you can be sure the torque converter mounts are the issue.


As you accelerate in your vehicle, if you hear a humming noise as you reach higher speeds, it could be indicative of a transmission problem. Generally, the culprit lies within the transmission pump.

Grinding or Metal Scraping

Automotive noises that sound like grinding, metal scraping, or metal-on-metal contact are generally a telltale sign of a transmission problem stemming from the planetary gear system. The planetary gear system is responsible for ensuring that your transmission shifts smoothly. This issue is only evident in automatic transmission vehicles.

High-Pitched Whining

Hearing a constant whining or high-pitched whining noise when shifting gears is generally a sign of a clogged transmission filter. You can be sure this is the culprit if the whining noise gets worse when you shift into reverse. If coupled with grinding noises, it could be an issue within the planetary gear system.

Growling or Rumbling

If you hear sounds that are more like growling, rumbling, or low pitched whining, it could be an issue within the planning you can rest assure that there is an issue within the transmission. Typically, these noises are indicative of a problem within the planetary gear system. Again, the system ensures that your transmission shifts gears smoothly and easily.

All of these noises are considered emergency auto repairs that should be diagnosed and resolved by licensed mechanic as soon as possible. If you hear these noises in your car, your vehicle is not safe to drive unless you are driving it straight to the auto shop.

Is your transmission in trouble but you cannot afford auto repair? Perhaps the cost of transmission repair is higher than the total value of your vehicle? If so,contact GC’s Junk Cars at 317-608-2188 to sell your total loss vehicle for cash on the spot to our trusted Indianapolis cash for cars company!

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3 Things You Can Do With Old Car Parts

Sell Your Old Car Parts 317-608-2188

Sell Your Old Car Parts

There are many reasons why you might have a heap of old car parts laying around. You could have had a junked car that you took apart, you might have inherited several pieces from a friend or family member, or they could have even been collected through years of garage sale shopping. Regardless of how you got your car parts, the options you have for putting them to use are the same.

Although there are probably endless ideas for putting old car puts to good use, there are 3 common applications we see in the industry. Continue reading to learn 3 great things to do with your old car parts!

Artistic Applications

If you are an artist or craftsman, you might enjoy cleaning up and polishing your old car parts, and then using them to create metal artwork, like chairs, tables, statues, wall racks, and more. You can also make old car parts into interior fixtures for your home, such as lighting fixtures, bathtub faucets, and several more interesting things. Many people are making amazing and useful artistic creations from old auto parts, and you can too!

Spare Car Parts

A common useful application for an old car part is to refurbish it and reuse it for another car. Many auto part stores actually sell OEM standard used car parts that have been professional refurbished and market for resale as a used product. However, if you have a perfectly good spare car part, you can just use it for another vehicle that needs it, wait for a time when your vehicle will need it, or sell it to someone who needs it now. All three options are a great way to put an old car part to good use. It can even make you some money!

Scrap Old Car Parts

If your old automotive parts are not good candidates for refurbishment and resale, you can still make good use from them. Scrap metal buyers will purchase your old car parts, regardless of their age or condition; and many scrap metal buying companies will even pay cash on the spot. If you do not wish to make a profit, you can simply donate them for recycling instead. Scrap metal and junk car buyers recycle and reuse all components to a vehicle, and you can maybe use your donation as a tax write off. So it is a win-win scenario!

Sell Your Junk Car Parts to Us!

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