Vehicles That Do Not Require a Title in Indiana

When you purchase a car, truck, or SUV in Indiana, you are required to register the vehicle and obtain a certificate of title. However, you may be surprised to learn that not all motor vehicles require a title here in the Hoosier state. If you own a motor vehicle that you wish to sell, but you cannot locate the title, you may not even need it in the first place.

Continue reading to learn which vehicles are not required to have a title in Indiana.

ATV Buyers 317-608-2188
ATV Buyers 317-608-2188

A “motor vehicle” is not just a car or truck; it is any passenger occupied vessel that runs on a motor, whether that motor is electric or fuel-powered. This includes scooters, motorcycles, boats, personal water crafts, all-terrain vehicles, lawn mowers, tractors, and even certain kinds of construction and farming equipment. As for a certificate of title, many of these same motor vehicles are not even required to be titled.

According to In.Gov:

“A resident of Indiana is required to obtain an Indiana certificate of title for all vehicles, except for the following vehicles that are specifically exempt under Indiana law from being titled.”

Here are the vehicles listed:

➠ Motor-Driven Cycles

Motor-driven cycles are not motorcycles, which do require a certificate of title. In contrast, they are vehicles designed for just one rider, do not travel on more than 3 wheels, do not exceed 35 mph, and meet several other design requirements. Common examples of motor-driven vehicles would be motorbikes, scooters, mopeds, and similar motorized rides.

➠ Water Crafts

Water crafts that are not required to be registered with the state are also exempt from being titled. Water crafts are any type of vehicle that travels on water; but not all water crafts are exempt from registration and titles. Those that do not require a title are those that are non-motorized, such as canoes, kayaks, rowboats, paddle boats, inflatable lifeboats, and some fishing boats.

➠ Off-Road Vehicles

Not all off-road vehicles can forgo a certificate of title; only those that were acquired before 2010 are eligible. Off-Road vehicles are those that can travel on various inclement terrains for long distances. Examples of off-road vehicles include ATV’s, amphibious vehicles, ground effect air cushion vehicles, recreational off-highway vehicles, and vehicles powered by natural elements like wind and sun.

➠ Snowmobiles

Although it is not common to own a snowmobile in a state where snowfall is so inconsistent and low, some do. And for those that do, they do not need a certificate of title. Also included with snowmobiles are OTV’s, also known as other-terrain vehicles. These are motorized vehicles that can travel through mud, swamps, snow, ice, marshlands, and more.

➠ Special Machinery

Any type of motorized special machinery is not required to have a title. Examples include ride-on lawn mowers, tractors, golf carts, and any vehicle made by someone other than a manufacturer that does not exceed 25 miles per hour.


Although these motor vehicles listed above are not required under law to be titled, an owner can choose to obtain a certificate of title if they want to. It is entirely optional, and depends mostly on personal preference. However, if a vehicle owner does volunteer for a title, they must, from then on, adhere to all regulations and requirements set forth by the state, even after the title expires.

Here’s What In.Gov Has to Say About Volunteer Titles:

“…once a title has been issued, the vehicle is subject to all title requirements under Indiana law, including an administrative penalty for future transfers of ownership, until the title is surrendered.”

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Cash for Junk Cars 317-608-2188

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